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Green Snack co.

About Green Snack co.

Changing times have seen the advent of a more evolved and aware Indian consumer. Today's consumer is far more conscious about his eating habits and is ready to opt for a lifestyle change to lead a healthy life.
“Healthy” is still only a mere buzzword in the snacking industry. Most snacks available today are either unhealthy or don’t taste good. Thus leaving you unsatisfied. There is a definite need for a snack that is all natural, filled with nutrients and delicious at the same time.
We started The Green Snack Co. to delight taste buds and fill this need gap in the market - for tasty and healthy snacks. The Green Snack Co. provides flavour filled, crunchy and tasty snacking options while keeping them truly healthy. We help our consumers maintain a healthy lifestyle and give them the ‘freedom to snack’.