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Honey Twigs

About Honey Twigs

Honey Twigs was founded in 2015 with the vision of enabling people to live healthier lifestyles by giving people high quality, healthier alternatives to everyday food items. Honey Twigs is a result of our ambition to make healthy, everyday food items more appealing and accessible. Our aim is to transform honey, traditionally perceived as a medicinal, on-the-shelf product, to a trendy, on-the-go healthy superfood snack as well as establishing Honey Twigs as a healthier alternative to table sugar. Honey Twigs is a teaspoon (8grams) of pure honey, available in single serves that can be used anytime, anywhere. Quality is at the heart of what we do and that is why we pack pure and 100% anti-biotic free honey in food grade laminates. Our packaging unit also complies with highest hygiene practices laid down by Food Safety Standards Authority of India. Our Machines are made from 304 non-toxic stainless steel and all touch points to honey are also of the same grade. The machines are fully automated and there is zero human touch involved in the process of the twig, making sure that there is no scope for any external particles finding their way into the product.