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About Omay

Work! A place we get engrossed in, we run out of time and we run out of energy. To boost our active bodies we grab whatever comes our way; deep-fried snacks, high-on-calorie bites, and move on. It was then, it dawned on our young founding team working in the fast-paced start-up space that we needed a healthy and tasty go-to snack when we are on the go or when we wanted to relax, watch a movie or entertain friends! After pondering on weeks of research, unable to satisfy their hunger palate, they decided to do something about it! Kudos to them, Omay Foods was soon in action! When the urge to innovate meets knowledge that comes from experience, there emerges a great team. We boast of a team comprising of individuals in their 20s right to the 70s who share a singular passion - to make high quality, healthy snacks. Try our range of innovative, super-healthy, 100% roasted, non-fried snacks and let your taste buds speak!